Visiting Assistant Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Psychology
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What I Study

My research concerns both the coordination processes that underlie human communication and the development of methods to assess coordination. In particular, I am interested in how people respond to the sound of another’s actions and synchronize with their movements. I take an complex systems approach, drawing on theories from dynamical systems, non-linear approaches to motor control, ecological, cognitive and social theories; I employ a range of statistical tools (mixed effects models, circular statistics, dyadic analysis, longitudinal and time-series methods, bootstrapping); and I draw from several areas of applied mathematics (signal processing, fractals, non-linear dynamical systems, and surrogate methods).

What I Teach

Currently, I teach behavioral statistics courses at the graduate and undergraduate level. Some of the courses have been developed in the Rmarkdown format and I have uploaded the course notes.

Current UIC Courses Year Onlines Notes
Graduate Courses
Mixed Effect Models (PSCH 548) 2018 Click Here
R-programming (PSCH 548) 2016-2017 Click Here
Research Design & Analysis I [PSCH 541/543] 2015-2017
Research Design & Analysis II [[PSCH 545] 2016-2018 Click Here
Undergradate Courses
Statistics (PSCH 343) 2015-2017
UIC Research Methods (PSCH 242) 2015


Place Year Degree Area
McGill University 2015 Post-Doc Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Connecticut 2013 PhD Perception/Action/Cognition
New York University 2006 MA Psychology
New York University 2003 BA Psychology, Minors: Biology/Chemisty